Sister Lakes Study Print

The Sister Lakes Project began when Keith Pitcher suggested that I accept the challenge to capture the lakes area in Original Oil Paintings for Exhibition.


Thus began the project in the late fall of 2008. I started by touring the roads and trails of Cass, Berrien and Van Buren Counties which comprise the recreation area of Sister Lakes. Having lived here since 1971 I was amazed at why I didn't consider doing this a long time ago. As a teen age kid I hiked and camped out all around the area and now realized how much the woods and water had changed.


Families found the magic of Magician, Round, Big Crooked, Little Crooked, Dewey, Keeler, Priest, and Cable. They turned the week end cottages into seasonal and year round family homes. They made the rustic woods and water and enchanted place to live, work and play. And I, as a creative artist, I set out to capture the ambiance of the area. I was overwhelmed but determined to try.


The yield resulted in over 30 original Oil Paintings for the exhibition. Plus enough research material to work on another few dozen or more. And if my stamina allows a historical theme, a mural could enhance some bare walls in the center of it all.


Keith and the Pitcher family seem willing to pursue the dream with me. So we shall see.




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