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Water Park Mural

Surfari Joe's Wilderness Water Park

Ramada Inn Watervliet, Michigan




Completed in May of 2008 this mural project included the Gateway Wilderness Water hole scene comprised of monkeys, giraffes, elephants, zebras, wildebeest,in an African svelte settiung as a centerpiece for the water park. Also on the surrounding walls are the Surfari Joe's Elephant Logo and other numerous Sign Graphics in custom full color art work.
The total handpainted aggressive project was designed, created, and produced by Dowagiac artist, Jerry Schlundt and his talented helper granddaughter Mariah Wall. After completing 3/4" scale drawings,  these were projected full scale on butcher paper and pounced with powdered charcoal directly in position on the walls. ( The technique is the same as Michelangelo used on his Sistine Chapel Masterpiece.) After the layout was completed the painting in full blended color was accomplished.
Materials used are Sherwin Williams acrylic latex products as reccomended by Bill Enders SW technical advisor. The final Top Coat to prevent moisture from premeating the painting is SHEAR CLEAR (tm) 1k Acrylic Clearcoat.
 The life expectancy with this technology according to Sherwin Williams is 12 to 15 years. Final cost for all art, design and painting was apx. $12,000.
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The Knapp Quilt Mural
Stairwell wall
Handpainted Oil 63" x 108 "

This full scale Trampe L'oell oil painting adorns the wall of Betty & Mike Knapps residence in Dowagiac, Michigan. This painting consists of 1,215-2" squares plus still life embellishments in a traditional representational painting style.


Wall Mural


Below you see a close up of the detail of the top of the painting.

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